Again, I don’t know how to say thank you for being blessed with an amazing couple. I mentioned this in the initial picture she gave us the day after our wedding. Jessie Biernacki Schultz and her husband Dylan, were our photographers for our engagement shoot, and we connected immediately. Maybe it was the intimacy of shooting us in our element at home, but I know it was much more than that. It felt from the start that we had been friends for forever.
That’s what makes this so much more special. The captured us with our walls down, and for the first time people were able to see Jill and I at our most vulnerable state. Going into our wedding day we didn’t have photographers shooting us, we had our friends…actually we had our family.
It’s not enough that Jessie and Dylan have incredible artistic style and integrity; they capture what is real, they don’t filter it out with mass amounts of sunshine and pastels. I feel they capture not only the image, but the soul (I know this sounds cheesy, but hey it’s me if you’re forgetting). I’ve been to weddings and photoshoots where it seems like a chore to get pictures done, but it’s almost weird that I feel like we didn’t do a shoot, it felt like we were just hanging out and someone snapped pics. That’s what they made it feel like. Family photos post wedding ceremony moved like clockwork, which is testament to their ability to move and produce when needed.
Not only did Jessie and Dylan, collaborate with our insanely incredible videographers: RenandRob Quitasol but they did it so effortlessly and without any hiccups. They gave space to RenandRob to find the footage to create their own art, yet still capturing the special moments throughout our day as well.
Our reception only amplified the already formed relationship Jessie and Dylan had with us as a couple, where they officially became part of the entire Montillano Family, as I proclaimed it and my family accepted with open arms. I cannot thank them enough, not only for the beautifully raw pictures and art they produced, but for their support, encouragement, love and prayers. I know we didn’t choose you initially, and somehow God did send us your way for a reason, we now know why, and Jill and I couldn’t be more blessed. Your art will keep us smiling, laughing, and full of love throughout our lives, and for the generations we hope to share them with. We love you both with all our hearts, thank you for capturing the best of us, our love and for being a part of our family. – Robert & Jill Montillano


My wife and I got married about four months ago at Giracci Vineyards with Jessie capturing our moments, and I’ll say without a doubt that the photos she gave to us are the best we could have hoped for! She is fantastic, and anyone who gets the luxury of her shooting their wedding should count their lucky stars.
We first met Jessie and Dylan in our engagement shoot in which we may have been a bit difficult – we wanted to do Griffith Observatory, and we had the bright idea to do it on a weekend when it was absolutely impossible to get to the peak… But you know what, these guys made it up there with us, and we found a fantastic view of the city (exactly what we wanted)! Jessie also found some amazing spots to get us some beautiful impromptu photos with just using her eye for what she thought would look great; those turned out to be some of our favorites!
Fastforward to our wedding – initially I spent more time with Dylan (you know, being the groom and all), and he was an awesome shooter; I got some of the most bad@$$ photos with my groomsmen. I mean, we should be allowed to look good too, right guys? But honestly, my wife and I both had a fantastic time at our wedding and Jessie and Dylan made our shoots effortless and simple. You wouldn’t know it by the quality of the photos you will get back though; it seems like they’re just hanging out with you as friends, then BAM. Awesome photo after awesome photo.
All in all, Jessie will set your mind at ease and have a fun shoot, then produce some of the best photos you’ve ever seen afterwards; my wife Brooke and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. It’s absolutely worth it for the memories you’ll have for the rest of your life. – Scott & Brooke Ney


One of the best decisions that we made during the wedding planning process was choosing to have Jessie and Dylan photograph our special day. Luckily, they were able to travel to San Francisco for our January wedding (braving the fog and the rain). Not only were they absolutely professional- they were fun, creative and made my husband and I feel completely comfortable in front of the camera- which is a miracle!
The wedding day flew by so quickly, it has been really fun to have a beautiful set of pictures to look through and reminisce. The thing that is so special about the photos is that they really capture the emotion of the day that I may have otherwise forgotten or not seen- the reactions of my bridesmaids when my mom finished helping me in to my dress, the hug from my father-in-law when he first saw me, my husband’s reaction when he read the card I wrote him, and our 90+ year old nana having a great time at the reception!
Thank you, thank you, thank you we couldn’t be happier with your work! – Jake & Kristin Flores


I’ve never been much of a person to look at old photos, but after my experience with Jessie I couldn’t be more pleased that I took the time to do the research for a good photographer!  Deciding on photography was one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning, but everything about my experience with Jessie was perfect. She knows the biz and she knows just how to put a bride at ease! Meeting with her a week before the wedding to chat and get acquainted ensured everything went smoothly the day of. Not only did Jessie and her husband deliver amazing photos, but they were a blast to hang out with! Nearly every guest I spoke to at our wedding commented at how cute and professional our photographers were.
If you’re not a fan of posed/cheesy wedding photos, these guys are for you! They perfectly captured every candid moment from our wedding that I could hope to remember. I couldn’t sing their praises enough. You better believe anytime I have an excuse to get professional photos done, I’ll be contacting Jessie & Dylan! – Dayne & Alyssa Olivas


Jessie and Dylan are AMAZING! They shot both my engagement session and my wedding  and all I can say is WOW! Not only do they make you feel comfortable in front of the camera (because lets be honest, its a little awkward to have your picture taken) they also take the time to get to know each couple and their story to best capture their vision. Because of this all the pictures really capture the love and the real emotions of the couples they shoot.
Jessie and Dylan were a hit at my wedding. My guests loved them! Some weddings I have been to, the photographers just always seemed in the way and out of place, not Jessie and Dylan. They blended in and had a blast celebrating right along with us while still capturing amazing pics! I will absolutely use Jessie again for any photos I need! – Mark & Kelly Gallegos