Kristin & Jake San Fran Wedding

San Francisco is sooooo cool! Kristin & Jake tied the knot at the Fort Mason Generals Mansion that was directly on the bay. It was such a gorgous historic location. This wedding was ultra special to us, the groom being my cousin and all.

When you think of San Francisco, you think overcast and rainy. Well the day started off a little rainy but the skys parted and it turned into a beautiful day for their January wedding. We got extremly lucky with the weather because you honestly never know.
We had so much fun not only shooting the wedding but dancing the night away at the end. All that had to come on was “I wish that I had Jesse’s girl” and I went crazy time dancing! (ya ya I know Jesse is a boy in this instance, but still it’s my jam!)
Such a fun wedding and so happy for you both.