Jill & Robert Married: The New Childrens Museum, San Diego

Holy cow, I don’t even know where to start with this couple. We have never connected so deeply with a couple on another level until we met Jill and Robert. We got together and met for the first time at their engagement session in there home. We literally connected immediatly while they told us their story on how they met and fell in love. We had felt like we had known them for years!
Come the wedding day I showed up in Jill’s hotel room and her first reaction to me was “I am so glad you are here!” and gave me the biggest hug! She looked absolutly stunning already and didn’t even have her dress on yet. We weren’t just their photographers, we were their friends and we had grown a relationship, which made their wedding so much more special to us. The entire day was flawless and we all had so much fun together. We were welcomed with open arms to their families and friends. I will never forget the moment when Jill and Robert were looking down on their reception and seeing their vision come to life with the biggest smiles on their faces! The reception started and you can bet Dylan and I were busting a move with them on the dance floor. There was also a point when the groomsmen picked up Dylan and were dancing around with him. I couldn’t stop laughing.
Jill and Robert: Your love is so rare and real you made it so easy for us to capture. You were able to be vulnerable in front of us and be real. (which is all we ever want on a wedding day) We pray that the Lord is always at the center of your relationship and you are always surrounding yourself with people who are always pushing you closer and closer together. I pray the Lord protects this special love that you have and that everytime you look at your wedding photos you are reminded about every feel and goosebumb from that special day! Thanks for being such a special couple to us. We love you both dearly and are so incredibly happy for you guys and this next chapter you just started in your life!
This friendship doesn’t stop here, it begins here!