You know when you meet a couple for the first time and you just know your going to be life long friends? Yep thats exactly how it went when we met Jill & Robert and all their little fur babies!
They invited us into their home and we got to see a little glimpse into their daily lives. They told us their love story over hot coffee and they were both all smiles and giggles. It was so clear that God has put these two together for a reason because they are simply meant to be with eachother, and they compliment eachother so well.
We then set out on an adventure.
We ended up on top of a mountain/cliff that over looked the ocean. We love when our couples are up for anything because we really get to be artistic and let the juices flow, which is exactly what happened.
This couple got into the freezing cold ocean and got wet for some epic shots. Thank you both for being so awesome. We feel like we have known you forever and can not wait for your wedding in March to capture more of your love story!
To many more adventures<3