Let’s get to it.
Trust me you are going to want to read all of this.
I’m all about capturing all the little moments and making HUGE connections with my couples. I am not just taking your photos I am your friend and I adore you and am praying for you all through your wedding. If you are looking for a photographer to just show up and take cheesy starring at the camera posed photos, we are probably not the right fit for you. If your looking for the cheapest option, once again we probably aren’t the right fit for you and thats okay! I’m all about doing you and do whatever makes you happy.
I do not want to be just another vendor at your wedding. I want you to be so excited when we get there to capture your story because we have already become such great friends. I mean I am your designated maid of honor for your day!

Your photography for your wedding is so so important. After all the dancing is done and all the cake is eaten, the one thing you have left to look back on and remember your day, is your photos. So while the details and the dress and the flowers are all important too, your photos are going to be the one thing that lasts past your wedding day. That you can forever look back on and cherish.

I want to connect with you both on such a deeper level. I want to laugh with you, tell jokes with you and maybe just maybe (if you can get me to do it) cry with you. This day is the most important day of your life so why wouldn’t you want a friend like figure by your side who you feel completely comfortable in front of. This day is about the two of you and your love for each other. The more I understand and learn about you guys on that level, the easier it is to tell your true, raw and real story. The story that is truly YOURS!
Nobody else in the entire world has YOUR story and I want to be the one to tell it.

You’ve gotta be okay with the perfectly imperfect moments. When you walk up to your first look and see the love of your life looking so dang fly and your emotions get the best of you. That un-staged shoulder kiss. The father that never cries wiping a tear from his eye as he walks you down the aisle. Laughing so hard it hurts.
I want to capture all of that and more. I want to capture the little moments, the big moments, the tears rolling down your cheeks, the uncontrollable laughter. The one’s your there for and the one’s you missed. Of course I will capture your family photos and details too. But this day is all about the two of you. The love you bring to each and every person who is there supporting you and your love for each other. I want to give you your love story that you will forever look back on and remember each and every moment that you felt.

This is YOUR love story and there is no other one like it!