Alex & Jason’s Scottish meets American Wedding

Kilt’s are always a good idea in a wedding, can I get an Amen!?
The stylish Scottish men in their Kilts followed by the stunning bride walking down the aile to bag pipes, surounded by just their immediate family was so perfect and intimate! Not only do Scottish men have style but they also know how to party! After the intimate Ceremony, all of their family and friends were invited to the reception where the party was non-stop until the last song played! Needless to say Dylan & I were breaking it down and having way too much fun as well!
I have known Alex the bride for a long time now. We knew eachother in high school and have worked at all the same hair salons. Beyond being stunning her personality is just as good. Jason & Alex couldn’t be more perfect for eachother. I am so happy you both have found love and your wedding couldn’t have been more perfect in everyway! Love you both!