Our mission:
Love, it’s something we all want and need. Our body and mind craves it and once we
find it, we don’t ever want to let it go. I love my job. I love everything about it. I love how
creative I get to be, and how I am able to tell a simple story with just a camera and people.
I see what I want and then to put it into words or a story, your story, is what really makes
my heart happy. I do this because it brings people such joy. To capture a moment or memory
that can last a lifetime. They aren’t just photos to me, it’s a moment a single moment
in time to look back on that will hopefully bring you happiness and to know in that moment
exactly what you were thinking and feeling and hopefully that feeling is Love. Our
Creator knew what He was doing when He allowed us to fall in love. We have the choice
everyday to choose, so choose love and lets make a memory together that you will forever
look back on and cherish.
We are a husband and wife team for all of our weddings. We are high school sweet hearts,
and have two beaufitul children, and a goldendoodle dog named Kevin. When we aren’t
shooting, we are taking the kids to Disneyland or simply going on an “adventure”. (This is
what we tell the kids anytime we go anywhere.) We would love to meet you.